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About Our Car Rental Company - Rent-4U

What does our Rent-4U car rental company currently bring?

The possibility to have at your disposal the best car rental offer...

The Rent-4U site, does not bring the best prices in front of you, because…We only want to rent cars that really deserve to be placed on the car rental market. HOWEVER, WE WILL NOT DISPOSE OF QUALITY! That is why the most important element for us, when we rent a car is the QUALITY-PRICE RATIO. Another factor that remains important for our company is transparency. Thus, the prices that you will find on our site will be the prices you will pay. WE HAVE NO HIDDEN COSTS! That’s why you pay for what you receive. We have also prepared a page where we try to place the best offers on the car rental market.

Where can we find your car rental company?

Currently our car rental company, Rent-4U, is operating in Bucharest and Ilfov county. We currently have two work points. One of them is in Dorobanti street, no. 35-40, and the other is located in Otopeni, on Nalbei street, no. 37.

We will try to cover many cities as possible in the near future. Thus, until the end of 2022 we will rent cars in cities like: Cluj-Napoca, Iasi and Timisoara.


about rent-4u car rental page
about us rent a car page

Rent-4U is the company that shows everything on the car rental field

The Rent-4U website is visited by tens of thousands of users every month, because they find…

The users of our site find really useful information in the rent a car area. We do everything possible to inform you about everything all the new car rental regulations, and also… We show you situations, events and quite unpleasant cases, where clients have suffered and lost a lot of money. We show to you all the BLACK elements in the car rental area and how this market behaves like a real MAFIA. The truly AMAZING cases, which you will see further on the RENT A CAR POLICE page. We had to open this chapter, because it was time to take out all the NEGATIVE parts of the car rental market in Romania.

What new things does Rent-4U bring to the car rental market in Bucharest?

Rent-4U brings new elements to the Bucharest car rental market. You will see new ways to rent a car. At our company, you will be able to rent a car by hour, through the Just Go system. You will also be able to rent a car from individuals, that can use our platform to rent their personal cars. We are and we are trying to be a complete car rental system.

Our car rental site also provides you with truly new information from the auto market. Here you will find cars that have features from Tesla but, with a much lower price. Also, you will see cars that look sensationally good, with a special design and at a VERY ATTRACTIVE PRICE!



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The worst thing you can be, is MEDIOCRE!!!



Experience in the car rental area

Since 2010 we have worked for the largest car rental companies in Bucharest. We found out, due to the our experience, what we will have to keep, modify and remove. We want to innovate the car rental market, and we do our best to bring in this process as many economic agents as possible. We are and will continue to be a complete package in the car rental area.


A chance for individuals to rent their own car

Rent-4U provides a platform that allows you to rent your own car. With us you will have 100% transparency in offering car rental services. What we show on our rental website is the same thing that you will receive it. Come to our website and send an email with your car details. You will receive a confirmation call as soon as possible.


You will have Rent offers everyday

Our car rental site has new offers for you!These offers are placed at the end of each month and… We do our best to keep you satisfied… And we will always bring to you new discounts. Depending on your reservations number, you will always have a discount coupon. Based on the discount coupon, you will can become a PREMIUM subscriber.


We created the Rent Police for you

Because there is no system to keep track of the car rental market, we had to create a blog to focus on this area.The Rent a Car Police is created to show all the negative elements from the car rental market. You will find out the ways in which the so-called car rental companies can fool their customers… You will also find out how the MAFIA works in the car rental area. Find out more details from the Rent a Car Police blog.


Technical support and assistance for 24 hours a day

We are one of the few companies in Bucharest, that offers technical support 24 hours a day. Our office is open 24 hours a day. We offer non-stop technical assistance and support. So, if you want to rent your favourite car at 3 in the morning, you will have an agent who will answer any question. Also, if you encounter problems with the car, you will have an agent who can solve the problem at any time.


No warranty, no credit card and Just Go system

At Rent-4U, renting a car can be done without warranty and without a credit card. With us you will be able to give up the credit card and get in touch with the Rent-4U company. Also, the guarantee will be reduced to zero, if you choose the daily insurance. You will find all these options on our website when you rent a car. In the near future we will also implement the Just Go system… A system which allows you to rent a car by the hour, and through which… Picking up the car will not be a problem. Keep in touch!