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Car Rental Services In Bucharest

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We represent one of the most complete car rental companies in Bucharest. And we say this, not just to praise ourselves.

We bring to life a complete rent a car system, in which you will find:

  • Just Go car rental system
  • Rent-4u system, a revolutionary tool in the car rental area
  • The classic car rental system
  • Car rental packages without warranty

Each car rental package will be unique in its own way. Also, we have prepared a separate page where you will see many details about each service.

And still, who is this car rental company?

Rent-4U is part of a group of brands, which has been able so far to innovate the automotive field. It is a company that has been operating on the car rental market in Bucharest and Otopeni for over 5 years. Rent-4U associates have worked so far in the top car rental companies, which... It allowed the accumulation of a new vision and the bringing of new elements in the Romanian space.

car rental services bucharest rent-4u

Rent-4U is one of the few customer-oriented rent a car companies in Bucharest

For us, the customer is first. That's why we want to offer transparency that is necessary, and... We want to warn the client about the negative events that take place on the car rental market.

Our client is the main element for us, and this fact made us become one of the most important car rental companies in Bucharest.

What do we offer for our clients in Bucharest, apart from car rental services?

We do our best to keep our customers up to date. This informations are not just from the car rental area. On the rent-4u website, you will be able to find essential informations in the automotive field.

We are very inspired by extremely well-known sites from abroad (such as, and... We choose and adapted all this information for Romania.

You will be able to find out what benefits the NV200XL Voltia will bring in the field of products transportation. Also, if you want to buy an electric pickup truck, you will find out which one should be bought, as well as other information.

We will help you to avoid car rental companies with bad intentions. Also, in the Rent a car Police section, we offer information about how Bucharest Mafia works in the rent a car area.

Additional information about Rent-4u

Now, that we have presented you with what we offer new on the market the car rental market... We will give you some insights about our company in Bucharest.

The Rent-4U company was founded by Serdin Liviu and Mihai Cornoreanu. Both have taken this project to an extremely high level. Mihai has over 20 years of experience in the field of car rental. Along with him, is a whole team of associates with great experience in this niche. Liviu Serdin is the only one who comes from a totally different field. Its domain is the quality of the product offered to the customer. He holds in his portfolio, some of the most innovative ideas in the automotive field. For the Rent-4U website, he brought to Bucharest, the Just Go car rental system and the rental platform available to individuals.

Our website is a complete rent a car system for the city of Bucharest, which brings new and useful elements to the client.

Thank you for choosing our car rental site. For more details call at +40 756 108 896.

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