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Car That Will Be Launch In 2022 With 2030 Design | Lexus LQ LF-1 Limitless

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We present in this article one of the cars that will revolutionize the market in the upcoming years. It's a really amazing car ( both in terms of design and... ). Find out more details about this really gorgeous car by reading the following lines...

Two years ago, at the Detroit auto show, a sample of a sensational car was revealed... Superb... With a melted Katana design, dressed in a coat of the future. From our point of view, the Lexus company surpasses itself, showing through this car a brief of technology and... Bring through this car an extremely innovative design. The car is called Lexus LQ LF-1 Limitless and introduces a new superior type of car on the car market.

lexus lg limitless or sensational car

This crossover flagship combines the high performance of a car with a superior level of luxury. The Lexus LX Limitless has a completely different design from future Lexus models. The transition from the Lexus company, to a design with a flowing shape, that is solid and elegant at the same time... It was the starting idea for this car... Through which, we believe, they will surpass many brands in the next period.

Lexus LQ LF-1 Limitless details and concept

Before moving on, we would like to mention that this article is made by the most innovative car rental company in Bucharest. Aaand... Returning to the subject.

The car was created at CALTY Desing Research in California. Like all the future Lexus models designed, the front grille of the car receives a totally different design. In the LF-1, this element seems to complete the car much more. The grille is presented with a three-dimensional design, giving it an extremely luxurious look. What is sensational about this concept is how all the proportions of the car fit. The ratios of this car, even if they are exaggerated, seems to fit perfectly.

Now making a joke: It's like a woman with Rubensian shapes, but... She is the most beautiful woman with these shapes and... These shapes look perfect on it.

The Limitless LQ F-1 model brings in front of you a perfect combination of several lifestyles. The nice part about this model is that it can have many types of power supply. It can be fully electric, but can also come in a hybrid or gasoline package.

lexus limitless lf-1

What makes the Limitless LQ LF-1 stand out from other cars?

The driver's seat, according to Lexus, eliminates the analog buttons in favor of smart controls. The interior design is extremely minimalist, with an extremely wide dashboard. The front passenger space is extremely big, and the lights brings all the charm for this car. When starting this car, several ambient lighting sequences come on. The type of lighting is chosen by the car, according to each type of driving. The door trim is made of wood and allows the light inside to be completed with the LEDs outside the car.

The navigation system of the Limitless LQ LF-1 model is in four dimensions, offering... Both the possibility for passengers to connect on it, displaying the progressive path for the road, for all the passengers. It connects very well with the car system and allows you to make hotel reservations. He also suggests to make a break and it warns you power the car.

In this moment, the autonomy of the car is 50%, and according to Lexus: "we hope to complete this process as well as possible". It currently has a driver mode, which allows a much smoother driving with low risk of accidents. The car has the possibility to park itselve and helps the driver to easily perform many maneuvers.

lf 1 limitless lexus

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It is a beautiful car, with all the words, and the interior completes well with the exterior. Although the pictures in the article and the words do not express very well the feeling we have... We also provide you with a link to all the data about the Limitless LF-1 Lexus. But, suppose you have not already left our site... We will end the article by telling you some technical details for this car.

What technical attributions will the Lexus LF-1 Limitless have?

The standard version will have a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine and 416 horsepower, assisted by two electric motors. Also, the sport variant comes with a 600-horsepower twin-turbo V8 engine. The owners of Toyota, who also owns Lexus, assume that they can take the sports model to 660 horsepower. Many promises for this model, which seem to be fulfilled more and more. Okay, their promises would probably have been fulfilled much earlier, but... Because the pandemic... It couldn't be done!

limitless lexus lf 1 lq

The LF-1 Limitless model has a length of 5014 mm and a width of 1986 mm. It is extremely spacious, as you can see in the pictures below. Lexus also promises 50% autonomy for the LF-1 Limitless, which means less time to drive and... More time for the things you like.

The car doesn't have the side mirrors. These being replaced by high-performance camcorders.

The price of the car is supposed to start at $ 88,000, for the base model... And for the sports model, it will easily exceed $ 100,000.

Whether we believe it or not, Toyota announces an even more important thing about this model. Although this prototype is more than luxurious... They will try to get an LF-1 Limitless model by the end of 2021 with...

For now, that's all about the Lexus LQ LF-1 Limitless. Thank you for coming with us until the end of this article and we recommend other interesting subjects from the auto area!

Posted in Auto Informations | Updated on September 16, 2021

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