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How can you go with a rented car abroad? | Rent a car ( 2023 )

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All people who use the rent a car service need a vehicle, which is always available. Even if they travel for tourist or business purposes, some customers will need to leave the country with a rented car. On the website, it is specified in the Principle of Non-Discrimination, that car rental agencies can set their prices and conditions for this option. However, going with a rented car abroad depends on several situations.

how do I go with a rented car abroad?

How can I go with a rented car abroad in the rental car service? ( up-to-date information for 2023 )

The two situations of the rental service, where you may go abroad with a car, are the following:

Remember: In order to leave the country with a rented car, certain taxes and a special set of requirements will be applied for each individual. Each agency will implement its own set of conditions and rates.

The exception to the rule: Leaving the rented car outside the country will not be allowed by Bucharest Otopeni rent a car companies if the car falls in a certain range. Sports and luxury vehicles, whose purchase price exceeds 100,000 euro, cannot travel abroad. We do that, along with the rest of the car rental agencies.

I'll take a rented car out of the country, but I'll bring it back to the fleet

I am going abroad with a rented car and I will bring the vehicle back

In such a situation, certain conditions must be set. These rules are applied by Rent-4U as well as other car rental companies.

A delegation will be made through the car rental company (written agreement), so that you can go abroad with the hired car

how do I leave with a rented car abroad?

Apart from the car rental agreement signed by both parties, the rental company must give its consent so that you can leave the country. In our example ( Bucharest rental company ), the agency should make a delegation so that you can leave the borders of Romania. Furthermore, the customer must respect all the conditions of the rental process.

The car rental company enables you to go abroad by car only on the basis of a car guarantee

the external car rental service and how to leave with a rented car abroad

As a result, the vehicle rental service without warranty will not apply in this situation. To allow the vehicle to travel outside the country, this trust fund will be required. No agency can allow the rented car to go abroad without such a deposit. Also, it is different and is applied in accordance with the value of the rental car.

The rental car will leave the country, only on the basis of a set mileage | Rent a car

what to do if you go abroad with a rented car

We must understand that a car leaving the country can reach thousands of kilometres. No car rental agency wants such an event. We do not want to rent a car for 100 euros, which comes back from abroad with 2500 kilometres travelled after 4 days of rental. If we did that, we would be out of business within six months each. This means that when the rented car leaves the country, a number of kilometres will be established for the entire rental period. Anything extra will be charged on top of that.

I'm going with the rental car abroad and I'll leave it there for drop-off ( Rent a car 2023 )

rent a car and going with the vehicle rented abroad drop-off outside the country

While this car rental system is not offered by a rental company, we implement it. The service is called One-Way-Rent and it is rented solely on the basis of a credit card and warranty. As with the previous case, the same conditions will apply. Obviously, every agency will only allow this service in certain countries. Also, in addition to the actual fees, Drop-Off costs will be applied. These are established according to each country. For example: At our company, the Drop-Off fee for Greece will be 300 euros. In addition to this, the price will be added to go in that country.

Where should I leave the rental car if I have the Drop-off in another country?

For this action, you need to follow the data from the car hire agent. He will visualize the route of the car via GPS and will be able to manage the parking in a private area. If this parking is not available, it will indicate the parking location for a video surveillance area. Carefully follow the instructions of the rental car agent, because in case of theft or vandalism, you will be responsible.

What are the applicable taxes if I wish to go abroad with a car in the car rental service?

Destination Country With Return With Drop-Off
Ungaria 100 de euro 350 de euro
Serbia 100 de euro 350 de euro
Bulgaria 100 de euro 300 de euro
Grecia 100 de euro 400 de euro
Franta 150 de euro 450 de euro
Spania 200 de euro 550 de euro
Germania 150 de euro 450 de euro
Slovacia 100 de euro 350 de euro
Portugalia 200 de euro 550 de euro
Slovenia 100 de euro 350 de euro

* For other countries, rates will be discussed over the phone

What will I have to do as a customer when I will go with the rented car abroad?

First and most important of all, you will have to inform the rent a car agent for this operation. For this, the rental company will have to provide you the correct documentation, the necessary information, the valid insurance for that area, as well as the rest of the specific documents. The vehicle must comply with the special traffic regulations in each country. For example: In the case of Switzerland, other rules apply.

If you want to travel in countries which are outside the European Union with the rented vehicle, and the driver's license is not European or international,... we will have to see if the document is valid in that state. An example: The Romanian driver's license is not valid in Russia.

That was all the information required to go abroad with a rental car. All data are updated to 2023. We wanted to talk about anything that had to do with that. Also, thank you for coming with us all the way and we wish you a good trip!

Posted in Auto Information | Updated on March 18, 2023

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