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Our Cars

Here you can see several cars from our fleet, which you can rent from Bucharest and Otopeni!

rent a car audi a1 at Rent-4U

Station Wagon

Audi A1

From                    46$

rent a car opel astra at Rent-4U


Opel Astra

From                    23$

rent a car opel astra at Rent-4U

Station Wagon

VW Passat

From                    25$

rent a car volkswagen T Roc


Volkswagen T Roc

From                    62$

rent a car skoda octavia at Rent-4U


Skoda Octavia

From                    28$

rent a car skoda octavia in Bucharest


Skoda Fabia

From                    20$

rent a car renault talisman at Rent-4U


Renault Talisman

From                    47$

rent a car services in Bucharest and Otopeni

Station Wagon

Noul Audi A6

From                    91$

Rent a Car Police - Unpleasant situations happened in the car rental market in Bucharest and Otopeni

Find out the irregularities and the truly BLACK elements of the car rental market in Bucharest and Otopeni!

See unpleasant situations in the car rental area

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Why should you choose Rent-4U?

rent a car company from bucharest and otopeni

For our company the most important is our CLIENT - Complete rent a car services in Bucharest and Otopeni

Rent-4U is part of a chain of companies, which have become known for their fairness to their customers. It is practically your car rental platform that offers first of all the first level of transparency on the Bucharest market. For us, the most important element is our clients... That's why we try to provide rent a car services for several classes on the market. We are currently collaborating with huge brands such as Mercedes and Volkswagen. Our car rental services are currently available in Bucharest and Otopeni, and ... With us you will discover another method of renting your car. See why...


rent a car police

We really show what are the BLACK elements in the car rental market | We have to tell you!

The car rental world (especially in Bucharest and Romania) is in total chaos. Many rent a car companies will try to trick the customer. We don't want to accuse anyone, but... But, through our page specially created for this purpose ( Rent a Car Police )... We only want to bring in front of you these unpleasant elements, which make it decrease people's confidence for the rent a car services. These situations are happening daily on the car rental market in Bucharest. We try to bring to the light these unpleasant practices and to protect customers from these companies.


just go rent a car system

Car rental services for everyone | Rent your car | Rent by the hour through Just Go | Normal Rent

At Rent-4U you can rent a car without a guarantee or without a credit card, and... More than that, it's a people rent a car site and you will find services that you can not found on other sites. Besides the Rent a Car Police, which makes us the first car rental police site in Bucharest, we will also add... Your possibility to rent a car through our platform. The system is simple and will be implemented soon. Moreover, you will find in Bucharest in the coming months, cars that can be rented per hour.  They can be rented through the Just Go system. The process is simple: Get in the car, register the card and that's it!


Rent a Car for YOU!

Take advantage of our exclusive solutions now!

revolutionary rental car system

Rent-4U System | revolutionary car rental service in Bucharest and Otopeni


rent a car services in bucharest

Car rental services in Bucharest


lidar system in auto industry

Car automation and the Lidar system