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How can I rent a car without a credit card in 2023?

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In this article we will provide you, useful information to find the best rent a car services, that are not based on credit card payment. We provide you with the necessary steps and you will understand out how to find companies that rely on other payment options. The steps in the rows below will apply for every car rental service without a credit card in any town.

The vast majority of car rental customers from America or Western Europe have at least one credit card. Unfortunately, the same situation does not apply to the rest of the European continent. In Eastern Europe and especially in Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia, very few citizens have this card.

How can I rent a car without a credit card ( new information for 2023 )?

Everything starts from what you want to receive. Thus, you will have to look for car rental agencies that it molds to your payment method. Although it seems a simply commonplace element, the fact that you've searched for rent a car agencies without a credit card, it only made the search engine show companies that do not use this card as a payment option. Therefore,...

This is the easiest way to rent a car without a credit card: To rent a car with CASH payment, write on Google: car rental + the name of the town + with cash payment. If you have a debit card, you will search for: rent a car + the name of the town + with payment by debit card. Follow the rates and check the information of the rental company!

Read on, to find out how you choose the best offers, using your payment option.

Choose the rent a car companies using only the desired payment method

how to rent a car without a credit card

If you will pay in cash, you must look for agencies that only accept CASH payment. Most of them replace the credit card rental with the debit card. To be more explicit, renting a car based on a credit card has become the classic method over time. That's why the vast majority of rental companies apply this option as a standard.

The process to choose the rent a car Bucharest Otopeni agency with the desired payment method will continue... Read on!

Inform yourself at the rent a car agency to check the details of the rental

It is good to check twice when you want to choose a rental agency that accepts the payment without a credit card. The payment options are established according to the legal implementations of the state. Also, the company adapts based on the age of the client and the frequency with which he rents from the same company.

Check the cars that are accepted for the payment without credit card

Find out which cars are available and if they suit your needs. It should be known that most of the agencies limit the number of vehicles, when this card is not used in renting. In the cities of Bucharest and Otopeni, for example: Many rental companies only rent vehicles in this package from the Compact or Economy classes.

To see if the desired car is available through the selected method, ask the rental agent in advance. It must be specified: If you use a debit card, this must be on the name of the person that is renting the car.

Find out about the list of prices for the chosen payment option

The price and the car warranty are very important elements. If the payment is made in cash or by debit card, the deposit or rates may have higher costs. Remember: The credit card has priority on the worldwide car rental market, and the rates are displayed using this option. Read on!

The rent a car agency can change its prices, when the classic payment option is changed. That's why you have to ask, if the rates and the car deposit will remain the same.

Setting rates in the rent a car sector is never a stable element. They differ depending on each period and are adjusted according to the demand for vehicles. So, you will have to ask the agent if the CASH or the debit card payment will have the same rates as those displayed on the website.

If the answer is negative, request the new offer for the established payment method.

What do I have to do after I received the new rent offer, for the new payment option?

There are certain agencies that increase the rental rate by 20% for cash payment. Also, the prices cannot be set for every situation, because many numbers tend to confuse the rental client. Thus, it is possible that for the chosen payment method, different rates will be applied.

Carefully follow the rent a car deposit

In the package for renting a car without credit card, you will need to know every piece of information. From the rental rates to the car warranty. Each car rental company has the right to set its own rates.

Also, certain companies will block the deposit with a higher amount, if it will be retained in cash. And because we have reached to this point, we will answer one last question.

Also people have asked: Is it possible to rent a car without a warranty, if I don't have a credit card?

There are rental companies that allow these options to exist simultaneously. However, certain conditions will have to apply. The first and the most important of all, is that when renting, the customer must have a debit card with at least 100 euros. And if we are talking about the cash payment and the option of canceling the car deposit...

Unfortunately, there is no car rental agency in Romania or in any other country that allows the service without warranty with the cash payment. In the classic car rental method, the car deposit will be blocked on this card. However, the car rental system without warranty depends on this process. To understand better: For the total damage of the car, the rental company will have to recover the damage caused. Credit cards is used for this purpose.

Finally, we offer you one last piece of advice: Request the rent a car contract before picking up the rented vehicle. All the information of this service are listed here. You have seen in this article, how to choose the rental company that offers payment services without a credit card. You have also learned, how to choose the best offers from this package. Thank you for reaching the end of this article!

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