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Lordstown Endurance the only electric pickup truck

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I don't know if you've ever heard of a machine or pickup truck which is intended for construction and has an electric motor. Lordstownmotors is one of the companies that set out and managed to take this step in the automotive industry. The model put on the car market is called Endurance and it's an electric pickup truck, a real pickup truck for construction.

Of course you have heard or already, that there are pickup trucks with electric motors. In our previous articles we exposed a model with an electric pickup truck produced on the Chinese market. The model is extremely cheap, so we do not expect it to really revolutionize the market. Unfortunately, we want to tell you that all the electric pickup truck models brought to the automotive industry, are not useful in swampy areas and... They cannot be used to carry heavy materials and they are just big ( and that's it ). Read on to find out what brings to you a regular electric pickup truck...

What LordsTown offered through the Endurance model, was to give the electric pickup truck the power it needs.

lordstown through the endurance model

Modelul Endurance de la LordsTown vs alte modele de pick up truck electric

In this moment, the vast majority of electric pick-up trucks stand out only in shape. We as a rent a car company, we really know what a pickup truck means... And we also know when a pickup truck needs to be a pickup truck. Of course... The regular pickup electric trucks are good for the house, to use the car to pick a little bit more. However, electric pickup trucks, produced so far... Do not have the strength to carry heavy things and maintain the same traction force. They can't handle even in muddy areas.

Basically, electric pickup trucks behave mostly like muscles injected with botox or silicone. These cars look like they have power and are practically quite large, but... It doesn't compare in any way in terms of force with pickup trucks powered by gasoline or diesel. Lack of power was a major problem for all electric pickup trucks. However, this myth has been destroyed, as there cannot be an electric pickup truck with the same power as the one powered by fossil fuel. And the myth was destroyed by LordsTown, through the Endurance model.

How LordsTown brought more force into an electric pickup truck

First of all, the way they put the electrical part into practice through the Endurance model is truly revolutionary.

All electric cars have the motor in the front of the car. It's also normal: that's his place. But, leaving the joke aside... LordsTown has integrated into the Endurance model... Small electric motors on wheels, which give the car as much power as possible. The wheel motors have completely replaced the unitary electric motor in a regular electric car. This model is designed to be safer and more productive for work. Endurance's design reduces the number of moving parts in a pickup truck and... Significantly improves car control. This way prevents the Endurance model from having several moving parts in the car.

how does the car model ease the endurance model

Also, this technique will help in the future to be less maintenance costs. Endurance's electric system ( electric wheels motors ) is called 4-Wheel Drive and allows the car to become a real pickup truck. We will continue to say the price of this car and present the differences between a Ford F-150 and an Endurance.

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Differences between an Endurance LordsTown and a Ford F-150

We chose for the comparison the Ford F-150, because it is quite close in terms of features for the Endurance model. The first difference between the two is that the F-150 runs on gasoline. Thus, for the first 30,000 km, the F-150 will consume $ 21,000 worth of fuel. Also, the cost to drive the Endurance model for same number of km will be $ 7,800.

Another factor that we will take to consider, will be the tax. At this moment all electric cars have no tax. Moreover, some states offer a bonus of 10,000 euros for any electric car purchased. That means a minus of 10,000 euros when purchasing the Endurance. For Ford F-150 the tax starts at 700 euros ( this tax applies to European countries ). As we can see in this example, for some states, the Endurance model will have 10,000 euros deducted from the price... While the annual tax will be added to the price of F-150.

The starting price of a LordTown Endurance is $ 52500. From our point of view, the company put this model at a sensationally low price, compared... With the Ford F-150 model, which costs 51775 dollars. Thus, if we make a calculation, the Endurance model can end up with a difference of at least 20,000 dollars less. This difference appears only in terms of fuel consumed... And we should no longer calculate the annual fees.

For now, that's about it with this article. We recommend for you to read an article about a revolutionary car to be launched by Lexus in 2022.

Thank you!

Posted in Auto Informations | Updated on September 16, 2021

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