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Rent-4U System | revolutionary car rental service in Bucharest and Otopeni

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We are introducing a completely revolutionary service on the car rental market. The Rent-4U company places an unprecedented rent a car service for the cities of Bucharest and Otopeni. But, enough with self-praise, and let's explain in a few words what Rent-4U System means.

Considering that in this moment ( pandemic situation ), which affected individuals in particular... Rent-4U System comes with a unique rental platform. It will be available to all people who want to have an extra income.

How does the Rent-4U System platform work and what exactly does it mean?

What is Rent-4U System and for whom is it available?

Rent-4U System is a car rental platform available for anyone who wants to rent a car. The system is available only to individuals in Bucharest and Otopeni (for now), and... Through this system you can turn your car into a car rental company.

rent a car system just go for bucharest

How will this car rental system help customers?

It often happens that you want to call a car rental service, and find out that there is no car available. These situations are most common during the holidays and during the summer. During these periods, it will be extremely difficult to rent a car. Fortunately, the Rent-4U platform involves in this situation a third economic agent: Individuals who own a car and want to rent it.

Thus, customers will always have cars available for rent.

Will there be higher prices, if I rent the car directly from individuals?

The answer is NO. The price will be identical to that of our cars. So there will be no competition from this point of view.

What we want is for every person, that places their car on our platform to differentiate themselves by:

  • the quality of their services
  • a close connection between the client and the person who rented the car

How will the Rent-4U system help individuals who rent their car?

Many people have heard about the car sharing service so far. Unfortunately, this system becomes a pure occupation when an individual assumes this commitment. Basically, to get a sum of money, the car sharing system will become a job.

What is offered by Rent-4U System, will be another possibility through which you can make money by your own car. This platform allows you to rent your personal car, without having to become the driver of your own client.

How does the Rent-4U System work, if I want to rent my car?

Everything is simple. First of all, you will have to live in Bucharest or Ilfov County.

Secondly, you will have to send your data, together with pictures of the car and the property deeds, to Then one of our agents will take your request. We'll contact you by phone for approval, and... That's about it.

In the next few days you will have the car placed on the platform and it will be available for rent.

How much money can I get if I rent a car through Rent-4U System?

Be careful!!! Prices will not be agreed, with one consent. We will impose the necessary rental rates, depending on the characteristics of the car.

We will provide a small example below, and from here you can draw your own conclusion whether it is worth it or not.

Suppose you have to rent a Logan from 2017. The price for renting this car will be 20 euros per day. If the car will be rented for 7 days, you will have a total of 140 euros. Of this amount, 10% is the platform commission. The amount collected by you will reach in this situation to 126 euros.

How is the price for renting my car on the Rent-4U System?

The calculation for renting a car becomes complex, after. It depends on factors such as:

  • year of manufacture of the car
  • technical condition and model of the car
  • competition prices
  • purchasing power for this service
  • number of days rented
  • the client's rental options
  • the period in which the car is rented

These are all factors that will influence the final rate. The price placed by the Rent-4U System platform is set at the beginning, for the entire year of activity. Also, the price list will be set for each month. What you need to know in advance is that the rental price will decrease as the number of rented days increases.

That's about it for this service. If you want to place your car for the car rental service, we expect you to get in touch at the phone number 0756108896 or at the email address

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