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Car rentals with partial warranty ( Revolutionary package in 2023 )

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The rent a car service with partial warranty is a new concept in the field of car rentals. It combines the useful things with the pleasant things and it adapts to several categories of customers. Although we have explained this package in our car rental blog,... This time you will have a lot of new information. The car rental packages in Bucharest and Otopeni have a much higher variety, compared to the companies in Western Europe. Although the car rental service with partial warranty has existed for several years in the European area, when it was brought to Romania, it received more variations compared to the West.

In the next paragraphes we will understand how this service behaves and how it adapts to the needs of the 2023 customers. This article shows how this package is materialized on the car rental market and in which situations you should choose this product.

car rental package with partial deposit

What is the rent a car service with partial warranty and how it's applied in 2023?

The car rental package with partial deposit has appeared on this market for a very short time. Once with his appearance, many companies adopted it, because it became easily accepted by a large category of customers. Although choosing a car rental company to provide this package can take a lot of time...

You can see in this article, how this package is applied and how it helps the rental companies and the customers. You will find out also, where it can be accessed more precisely.

What does the car rental package with partial deposit means?

The rent a car service with partial warranty is one of the 3 types of packages in the car rental market. The partial deposit module reduces the car warranty to less than half. The rest of the warranty, is replaced by a partial car insurance. Just like the partial deposit, the partial insurance has a value of less than half, compared to the total insurance.

Each of the 3, works optimally only in certain conditions. The car rental package without warranty cancels the deposit completely. This is where the daily insurance comes into play. In the normal system, the warranty is kept and returned at the end. The customer receives the deposit, only if the car is returned without any irregularities.

What is the value of the insurance in the rent a car package with partial warranty?

Currently, there are two types of insurance on the market. Although they receive different names depending on each car rental company, the system applies identically:

  • total insurance - applies in the rent a car package without guarantee
  • partial insurance - is available in the package with partial deposit
what it means and how the rent a car service with partial warranty applies

Their values depends on the rented car and they will be lower if the rental period increases. At a Dacia Logan car rental service with partial warranty, the insurance value is lower for 30 days, compared to 3 days.

In what situations does it help and how is the car rental package with partial deposit applied?

Regardless of whether we rent an electric car or a normal one, the car warranty can reach huge amounts. In case of renting a car like Dacia Spring, the warranty can easily exceed 500 euros. Unfortunately, not every customer has this amount when they want to rent a car.

We present an objective opinion about this product. However, we want you to form your own conclusion at the end.

To which type of customers, the rent a car service with partial guarantee is for?

The experience formed over time allows us to offer our clients the best suggestions. Also, the clients from our country who requested this rental method are: teachers, engineers, doctors, as well as other people with a 9 to 5 job. This package helps a lot, because it reduces the car deposit. Moreover, the partial insurance in this package has a fairly low cost.

However, it should be noted that it is not suitable for all rental periods. The Rent-4U company displayed the rent package with partial warranty for each individual vehicle. In this way, the rent a car customer will be able to anticipate their rental costs much better.

Let's move on and see for which periods this service is suitable.

For which rental periods is the rent a car package with the partial deposit suitable?

Even if the car insurance is less than half of this package, it will will encrease in the long term. Thus, for a Kia Sportage vehicle rental service, the partial insurance is worth 10 euros per day. For periods of 30 days, it reaches 300 euros. There by, this service will no longer be profitable for the rental customer.

Other people asked: What are the rental companies that offers the package with a partial warranty?

This system is still in its infancy. Our car rental Bucharest agency is one of the few companies in this town, which makes this service possible. However, we have noticed that some rental offices in our country, have started to implement it. Outside of Romania, more and more economic actors in this area have tried this package. Although, in many companies, a clear form has not yet been given.

This time we have presented the car rental package with partial warranty and how this service helps the rental customers. We believe that this module has the possibility to revolutionize the car rental sector. We will keep you informed of any updates for this package itself. Until the next time, thank you for resisting and staying with us until the end of this topic!

Posted in Auto Informations | Updated on March 07, 2023

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