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The cheapest electric cars with 5 seats and 4 doors in 2020

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In this top we will present the cheapest electric cars for 2020. To mention!!!: This ranking will be made by the quality-price ratio of the car and... We will not include in our ranking two-seater or one-seater cars or other types scooters with a roof. Our ranking of the cheapest electric cars, will be made for cars with 5 seats and 4 doors and... It is built according to the price of cars, starting from the highest to the lowest.

the cheapest electric machines

If you do not already know there are electric vehicles that are priced up to 5000 dollars. The problem is that most of them cannot be called motor vehicles. Most of the electric cars has no luggage compartment, or they only have 2 places with the space of a golf car. Also, we tried in this article to include electric cars with the prices up to 21,000 dollars, because we want the subject to remain as the cheapest, so... Electric cars like Nissan Leaf and Hyundai Ioniq, that start at $ 30000 will not be included in our list, because they have a small problem: THEY ARE NOT CHEAP!!!

The first one through we will start the list is:

1. Zibon Zbe among the cheapest 4x4 electric cars

zibong zbe one of the cheapest electric cars

Zibon ZBE is among the cheapest 4x4 electric cars available at the moment in the car market. The price starts at $ 15,000 and gets with all the features at $ 20,000. It is a pure electric car, with a battery with a voltage of 320 watts and a power of 160 kw. Much more than this, the vehicle has 5 seats and has a range of 300 kilometers. It is a good quality-price ratio, from our point of view, taking into account that up to this moment... Other 4x4 cars with a good autonomy, easily exceed $60,000.

So, the first place in the 4x4 category with the title "Cheap as nothing" is awarded to: Zibon ZBE. In fact there is still another car, also from the same category... But, we will talk about it in the paragraphs below.

As you can see in the picture below, the interior of the car is pleasantly sensational. Also, the interior options can be made depending on your preferences. The car offers a fast charge system, which lasts about two hours, until it is fully charged.

zibon zbe interior electric car

The vehicle is ordered on the site, and from the platform. The design and other features are chosen when the order is placed. What is admirable about this vehicle is the fact that it offers good sensational elements for such a low price. If we could compare it to an electric 4x4, the only one we found would be the Audi e-tron, which... While the quality level is in favor of the electrical Audi, from our point of view the price is four times higher, so... You can draw the final conclusion. That's all about this car. Another cheap electric car is coming right now, with a good sensational quality.

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2. NETA DerryAuto the cheapest 4x4 electric car

If in the ranks above, we have presented you one of the cheapest 4x4 electric cars... Now you will find out which is the cheapest 4x4 electric car. NETA Derry Auto is an electric vehicle that is made in Qingdao Republic of China. The car is fully electric and is produced in a small factory. The capacity of this factory is 30000 units per year. The car battery is made of lithium, and if at Zibon Zbe I showed you a fast charging system of two hours, at this car... The price of this car is between 18,000 and 19,000 dollars. The fast charging time is only 30 minutes.

- So this model is even cheaper and better at the same time?

Yes and no. Find out why...

The interior has a capacity of 5 places and as the people from Neta say, the car is ideal for taxi and home-work roads. The only problem with this car it has a very low top speed. It hardly exceeds 105 kilometers, and therefore cannot become an ideal car for long roads. Another negative part of this car is its quite low on autonomy ( which, if we see the amount we pay, is not very negative, but... ). The number of kilometers offered by the battery at a charge is 150.

electric car neta

Although the space is much smaller than the Zibon, the interior is quite sensational.

neta electric car china

We will continue to present two other cars from Zibon.

3. Zibon model 1 electric SUV type car

This car is one of the cheapest electric cars on the car market, with 5 seats. The price is between 15,000 and 20,000 dollars. The car reaches $ 20,000, if all features are included. The battery type is 320v 220AH Lifepo4 and can be fully charged in just two hours. It is a 100% electric car, and like all other models presented above, it also offers an automatic gearbox. The maximum speed that this car can reach is 160 km / h, and those from Zibon offer a guarantee for the first 100,000 kilometers.

zibon 001 cheap electric car 4 seats

What is fantastic about this car is the autonomy. Zibon 001 offers a range of 325 kilometers. It's a pretty big car, but it comes at a great offer... Compared to many models in the auto industry.

Zibon company is located in Jiangsu province, Zhenjiang city. The Chinese car factory has a production capacity of 1 million vehicles per year. Comparing this company with many of the big car brands, Zibon is a very small electric car company. Also, it has revolutionized the electric car market all over... Because they managed to put cars at an extremely low price, offering an experience that you can only have from the expensive cars. And here, the big car brands are in a big disadvantage.

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4. Zibon 004 with the price at $10,000

Zibon 004 is the cheapest electric car with 5 seats, which you can really call it a car. It has a maximum speed of 110 kilometers per hour and reaches to one hundred in 7 seconds. As I said earlier, it is the cheapest electric car with 5 seats. The starting price is from $10,000, and if you want the car with all the options, the price is $15,000. For this car, Zibon offers a guarantee for the first 100,000 kilometers. The car has autonomy for 160 kilometers and a fast charging system for two hours. The car battery is 18 KWH Lifepo4 battery, and the car box is manual. It is a manual car, but... But for such a low price, it is no longer necessary to complain!

cheapest 5 seater electric car

As you saw in our article 3 of the 4 cars listed by us, it falls into the category of the cheapest electric cars with 5 seats. And this is due to the fact that a high quality ratio is maintained, although the price is incredibly low. Zibon does not offer production only for normal electric vehicles. They have the capacity to built buses and electric trucks.

Moreover, the Zibon company, right now, enters on the American market with two types of cars.It is a Pick-up Truck and a sports car that ( in their words ) seems to reach 100 in just 5 seconds. As we got used to this company, the price will be extremely low for both models. For the truck the price will be $38,888, and the sports car will have the price of $58,869.

Although we did not want to make this article for a single company, unfortunately, it got quite easy in this area...It is a company that offers electric cars with low sensational prices, and... Even if their production is in China, all the reviews on the internet seem to be in their favor.

We have prepared for you another extremely interesting article. Lexus has prepared a very special car. See how the new Lexus Limitless LF-1 LQ will revolutionize the car industry.

For now, that's all about this article. Thank you for reaching with us to the end of this article and DRIVE SAFE!

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