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What to know before renting a car? | Top 11 useful tips

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If you have rented a car in the past and it was the first time, you understand that there are certain things that will help you in the rent a car service. Even if it's the first time you rent a car, the tips below will help you reduce the rental costs. Also, in addition to get the best offers in the rental area, you will have a better knowledge of this service.

Top 11 tips for renting a car | all you need to know


The article comes from the Bucharest car rental company, Rent-4U. So, let's move on to the topic and list the most important tips that will help you when you rent a car.

1. What documents do I need to rent a car?

required documents in the rent a car service

Most of the car rental companies request the necessary documents for the rental, before the car is picked up. If this request was not made by the company, you will have to bring with you: your identity card, driver's license and credit card.

If you do not have this card, you must search in advance for agencies that rent without a credit card.

2. It is paid additionally for each person who drives the rented car

the additional driver in the car rental service

In the car rental contract, the person who will drive the vehicle will be listed as the beneficiary. He will be responsible for everything related to the physical condition of the car.

However, there are certain situations in which several drivers must drive the rented car. Thus, all the people who will drive this car will have to be included in the car rental contract.

For each driver in the contract, there will be an additional cost.

3. Drive the rented car only on safe roads

drive the rental car on safe roads

The rented vehicle can be tracked through a navigation system. Its location will be known, no matter where you drive. Car rental companies forbid rental customers to drive outside paved roads. Moreover, there may be penalties if this condition is not respected.

Although some agencies do not tell you this requirement, customers may find themselves with penalties when returning the car.

4. Bring the rented vehicle back with the same amount of fuel

the rented vehicle must be brought with the same amount of fuel

One of the most common problems between the rent a car agency and the client is the fuel. A general rule mentioned in the car rental contract is: the rented car must be returned with the same amount of fuel as when it was picked up by the customer.

If the car has 30 liters of petrol in the tank, it will have to be returned with the same amount of fuel.

Will it be deducted from the warranty, if the car does not have the same amount of fuel on return?

Of course. Most rental companies charge a fee of 20 Ron per missing liter. Thus, if the tank has 10 liters less, 200 Ron will be withheld from the car deposit.

5. Get the classic rent a car package for long rental periods

classic car rental service for long periods

In an article published by the company Rent-4U, the differences between the rent a car packages were explained. What should be known is that each type of service will be optimal only under certain conditions. Summarizing these services,... The rent a car system without guarantee works for short rental periods. Besides this, there are two more packages: the classic one and the rent a car package with partial deposit.

The rental package with partial warranty is relatively new on this market and has functionality for medium periods. Also, the classic one has optimal functionality for long-term periods.

The guarantee from the rental service is retained at the beginning and will be handed over at the end. The only requirement is that the rented car must be returned in the same conditions. In the other packages, car insurance comes into play. These are additional costs, and for long periods, they can become quite high.

6. Car rental agencies charge higher costs for young drivers

higher costs for students when renting a car

Drivers with a license for no more than 3 years and people up to 25 years old will have higher prices. Unfortunately, all car rental companies avoid renting to young people. It is considered that they are not experienced enough and can cause damage to the rented car.

If you are under 25 years old, it is good to ask the rent a car agency in advance. Very often this does not update the conditions on the website and surprises may appear regarding the rental costs.

Although, our agency offers a rent a car package just for students.

7. Avoid the airport tax from the rental service

how to avoid the airport tax in the rent a car market

Every car rental company must pay a fee, when they are parking inside the airport. This cost will be found in the rental price for the customer. If you pick up the car from the airport, this amount of money will be charged by the company after.

To avoid this fee, it is advisable to take a public transport that can take you outside of this area.

8. If you are a foreign citizen and do not understand the rent a car contract, choose a company that can offer it to you in the desired language

read the rent a car contract before renting

The vast majority of rental companies have the rental contract only in the language of the state in which they operate. That is why it is extremely important not to sign what you do not understand. Many foreign clients found themselves in unpleasant situations after renting a car, because they did not understand this document when signing.

Additional costs can be included in the car rental contract, which can reach to huge amounts. Therefore, choose a company that offers you the contract in the language you understand. If there is no agency that can provide you with this document in the desired language, contact a translator or a person who knows this language.

9. Rent the desired vehicle early

save money in the car rental service

The car rental service is known for the lack of stability regarding the rent a car price. The cheapest months are February, October and November. Also during this period, the rental agencies have the lowest rates.

In these months, companies have prices up to 50% lower, compared to the months of August and December ( when they are the highest ). Thus, if you will rent a car during this period, the rental companies will come in front of you with a lot of offers.

10. If you go abroad with a rented car, check what additional costs you must pay

additional cost to leave with a rented car abroad

Any car rental company has fees for users who want to travel outside the country. These are established according to the countries in which you will drive. Also, you must notify the rental agent for this departure. The company will must provide you for this operation, all the necessary documents. It should be mentioned that each company has the right to set its own rates.

We have created an article that shows how you can leave the country with a rented car. Right now the information are in romanian, but it will be soon translated in english.

11. Take a photo of the rental car before leaving

take a few photos before picking up the rented vehicle

In every forest there are dry areas. The same rules applies in the car rental sector. Not all agencies come to you with positive intentions. Some companies will blame you for damages that occurred in the past.

Although we do not have such cases among the companies we know, we hear some similar situations from the rental clients. That's why it's convenient for you and the company if you take these photos until the car is picked up.

We have a separate column called Car Rental Police, which displays the unpleasant situations that occur in the rental sector.

This was our article. Right now you have seen The most useful 11 tips in the Car Rental field. We thank you and are glad that we are providing useful information!

Posted in Auto Information | Updated on March 10, 2023

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