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How to rent an electric car? What you need to know!

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In this article you will find really useful information about renting an electric car.

So, an electric car differs in many forms from a conventional vehicle. No matter that we are discussing how to start the rented car, charging it and the autonomy of the battery, there are certain elements that will need to be known.

In addition to the rise in fuel prices, which has influenced a lot of recent increases, an electric car also becomes a much more convenient alternative. But let's stop wasting time and learn how to rent an electric car and what you should know about that car.

How do you rent an electric car? What should I know about electric car hire?

In short, to rent without problems an electric car, you will have to analyze the following factors:

  • Discover what the rental electric car is for

  • Find out if the autonomy of the rented electric car meets your travel needs

  • Don't forget that the range of electric vehicles varies according to the environment

  • See how it works and how you can charge the electric car

One of the biggest differences compared to renting a classic vehicle is the fact that: rent a car companies do not charge the customer, if the rented vehicle does not return with a full-charged battery.

The car rental industry supports electric motion among cars, which is why the vast majority of companies are involved in this process. Thus, when renting an electric vehicle, Bucharest Otopeni car rental companies (as well as from other localities) will not charge an additional fee, if the car does not return with the same battery level.

what you need to know about renting an electric car

Determine the purpose of the rented EV

Although it looks totally irrelevant, it will be very important to know how you are going to use the rented electric vehicle. If you use the electric car only for a few hours or for long trips, you will determine whether or not this car is adapted to your needs.

Maybe you're planning a trip from one town to another or maybe you're going on a week of vacation with your family. The reason you rent this car will be closely related to the battery life.

While the electric vehicle provides many positive elements, the battery will be an obstacle in certain situations

Battery life may be problematic. For a route like Bucharest - Baia Mare, the electric vehicle will need at least two stops for charging.

Find out if the autonomy of the rented electric car meets your travel needs

On the website you have all the information about the autonomy of any electric car. The platform provides you with the opportunity to compare the ranges of different types of electric vehicles.

However, the rental company will need to have that information available on the site. Regardless, whether you have a power system close by or in your own house,... Knowing how far you can go with an electric vehicle is an extremely important factor.

In addition, you should know beforehand that charging the rented electric vehicle can take from half an hour to a full day. It all depends on the rented electric car and the energy source.

It must be mentioned that the range of electric vehicles changes according to the environment

what you need to know about renting an electric car

This time, we refer to the road, climate and driving system of the person who rents.

However, it is important to know how to adapt to the use of these cars.

Most electric vehicles have a range of 300 km. It varies according to the route. When braking and accelerating suddenly, the range of the electric car will decrease considerably. Also, if the driver drives the electric vehicle like a sports car, we'll face the same problem..

In winter, when temperatures are much higher, the range of the electric car will go down by 40%. All these equations should be taken into consideration when renting an electric car.

See how it works and how you can charge the electric car

It should be noted in advance that there are only three kinds of chargers. The Level 2 charger is the most common and is located at all common charging stations. They offer 30 kilometres of autonomy within minutes. Apart from them, there are the regular chargers. These are level 3, and sadly, the full power of an electrical car can take several days.

A client should know that depending on the type of vehicle selected, an adapter will be necessary. For example: In our rental car package for the Tesla vehicle, we provide a special adapter used for this car.

The level 1 chargers are Fast-Charger type and can completely recharge the rented car in just one hour.

The car rental company should explain how the electric car will be used

Each stallion has its own method of handling. The same goes for electrical vehicles. It will have to explain to you what kinds of energy sources you can use, to have the desired battery level. They will also need to explain how to operate the rental electric car.

Discover where the charging stations are in the area where you drive

You should know where you are going to drive with the rental electric vehicle. Depending on your itinerary, you should check if there are charging stations in these areas. Though, outside of Romania, the lack of charging stations is visible only outside the city, in our country they are also missing inside the city.

We did an article in the past, which shows how to avoid the waiting lines that appear when recharging electric cars. It is worth mentioning that there will be peak times, where you can wait 2 or 3 hours to load the respective car.

Although outside the country there are applications like PlugShare, which make all this work easier, in our country a little research needs to be done first.

In Romania there are or PlugPoint applications. However, they are still at the beginning and only show 15% of all available power sources.

Now that we've shown how to rent an electric car, let's go ahead and see some of the advantages of renting those cars.

What benefits do I have in the electric car rental service?

When you hire an electric vehicle, you will significantly reduce rental costs. We all know about gasoline prices recently. Also, on the opposite side, refueling an electric vehicle for a distance of 300 kilometres may cost 25 Ron.

The cost of renting a car is less with electric cars

One of the advantages that the electric car rental service of Bucharest provides, is a much lower rental cost. In addition to the money you pay to the rent a car company, you'll also have other expenses. When you rent a car, it needs to be fueled. Although it sounds hard to believe, a person who rents a car for 10 days, refuelled two years ago with 600 Ron. Currently, the amount spent on the same vehicle is 1200 Ron. It is unfortunate that the cost of fuel has doubled.

In the case of renting an electric vehicle, someone renting that car for 10 days will spend only 200 Ron. The difference in the two amounts should convince clients to choose the cheapest option.

Electric vehicle taxes have been reduced to zero

When we talk about taxes, we see types of costs such as road tolls, parking fees, airport fees, highway fees, etc. When it comes to electric vehicles, they are cancelled.

Whether we're talking about environmental protection or reducing the cost of renting a car, it changes the perspective of a lot of people. That was the subject of the day. Thank you!

Posted in Auto Informations | Updated on March 17, 2023

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